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2016 THEME:

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2015 Catalog PDF here.

Please call or email with any questions. I enjoy talking to CFC people around the country and appreciate the associations and friendships I have made with many of you. We appreciate your continued business!

Happy campaigning!
Suzanne Doutre, President



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Over my 17 years with the Central Florida CFC, we have looked at different vendors for our brochure because it is one of our largest budgeted items. We have tried local printers, partnered with neighboring CFC's and even contracted with our local newspaper in order to be more efficient and frugal. Some could do it cheaper, some could print it quicker but we had to do our own formatting and indexing and none of them could meet our deadlines. What we ultimately discovered was that all of the facets we were looking for were available at only one place: Campaign Service Center! We learned this the hard way, when Suzanne was able to bail us out of a self-inflicted situation that we thought was hopeless. She delivered our brochures on time for our training sessions and campaign kickoffs. After that, we have used Campaign Service Center exclusively not only for our brochures but for our pledge forms, posters and signs.


Dennis Burns, Director
Central Florida CFC